FAO Corey

F.A.O Corey

CC: Mr Zaro


Hi Guys,

I hope you actually get to read this as FIFA is extremely important to me and I can see how people get frustrated with various things that can easily be avoided.

I hope this doesn’t one day impact my desire to become an EA GameChanger, as honestly that is a goal.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lee otherwise known as QuickStopHicks. I have played FIFA since FIFA and FIFA 95 days on the Megadrive, so 25 years ( Why is FIFA 19 not a 25 year anniversary!) … Yes I am a little older lol. I have purchased every FIFA on release for 25 years (this year) and that is because it had me hooked since day one.

When FIFA 17 released I decided to start a YouTube channel so that my son could watch content as he was getting into Ultimate Team and I found I couldn’t let him watch a lot of content creators due to swearing, so I am just completing my first year as a content creator on my daily upload streak of 358 days and counting … Anyway enough about me onto the point.

Like I said I hope this doesn’t one day hinder my desire to become a GameChanger but I honestly see so much feedback given to you guys in such a negative way, it makes my brain hurt.

My Points ….

A: Going through FIFA 19 I think EA should change the way the Social Media interaction works for the game, as honestly like the build up has shown it’s absolute chaos. People are searching for answers for certain things, yet nothing comes from the official EA account. Instead we may get yourself and a few others answering a lot of questions when you can but then that leads to more confusion because certain people may word things differently etc. So then the people asking the questions then go to their fave content creator who then answers as an opinion but people take that for gold (see the confusion around the Beta gameplay) …..

So we have numerous Devs, CM’s, GC’s all answering questions the best they can without letting out information that isn’t meant to be released yet, all answering in a different way, with no official word coming from EA FIFA media accounts.


B: Relating off this more information was the Pitch Notes (which is a great idea), but honestly there probably should have been 3 or 4 by now, explain to people the Beta is gameplay that is of an older nature, explain to them the tweaks that have been made, explain to them the list of things that need fixing etc etc …. PUBG do this, Fortnite do this, 2K for NBA/WWE do this, Call of Duty do this … EA don’t … We are left in the shade all the time.

The improvements on 18 with patch notes in game etc are a great step forward, however things get brushed under the carpet when people aren’t sure if they can answer or if the team can fix it or if the budget allows … This leads to people bad mouthing game (ie: Servers, Kick off goal etc etc).

In 2018 the landscape for clarity has changed. Game developers are being refreshingly honest to their consumers. Activision knew Infinite Warfare was the wrong game, so they came out and said so, they said what they did wrong, because of this they gained huge praise and the next installment (WWII) was their highest selling title in years.

So, be more clear. Let the consumers know where servers are located, let them have a detailed up to date description on how connection in games work, how it’s a different dedicated server in Champs to a peer to peer in Divisions … Honest, clear, precise clarity.

Explain how certain things take 2 years to make etc etc … through official channels. So far in the last week FIFA info has come from:

An English transcript, converted to Italian then back to English (losing a lot of mannerisms in the process).

People leaking Beta gameplay.

People leaking Demo gameplay.


Online Media Print.

This leads to people speculating, confusion, opinions being seen as fact and a general negative vibe for the game again before it’s even released!

Yes do exclusive interviews for Gamechangers etc but then that should be converted or re imagined or released through official channels. More transparency.


C. Avoid consumers feeling let down again through not understanding Promos.

I totally understand that teases and sometimes not answering gets people talking about the game, I totally get what hype is … However when something is hyped and then it doesn’t deliver it causes mass moaning (now the problem with the FIFA community is they want everything, then when they get it, they moan like the World Cup Icon SBC and that is a problem) .

This can be avoided by detailing clear scheduling for every promo similar to how TOTS was done on FIFA 18, we knew when each league was coming and on what day.

Leaving the consumer to guess when something is coming out only leads to frustration and less hype in the end. People may think it’s great for people to be waiting with baited breath at 6pm (UK) to see if something drops and that’s could for a while but then people get disheartened. Another example where precise scheduling absolutely works is Marquee Matchups and TOTW, people know exactly when these things drop and plan and be ready accordingly.

With some of the promos this year, people have guessed that something is coming at 6 .. wait until 6, nothing comes and people log out of FIFA, this is actually counter productive to the reason a schedule isn’t given, this doesn’t cause hype, it gets people frustated.

This has happened numerous times this past year, no one knew what was happening with Scream boosts and eventually gave up on them after the initial boost, Path to Glory, no one really understood the point of changing the colour of the card without a boost, it didn’t make sense. Futties, people didn’t know what End of an Era’s were coming, when they coming etc etc … This lead to speculation about an EoE Ronaldo which never came and led to more disappointment.

This can all be avoided with open clear scheduling for every promo (Like we had for TOTS) … For instance every Wednesday there will be a new EoE (you don’t have to say who it is, you just create anticipation for the card).


D: In game rewards for playing time:

This could be implemented straight away. Let people know that there will be free untradeable packs for playing a certain amount of games. People love free stuff, it gives back to the community during the game cycle, gets people playing more and doesn’t impact the market as it would be untradeable.

Play 100 games in a month – Prime Players

Play 200 games in a month – Jumbo Premium

Play 250 games in a month – Rare Players

Play 300 games in a month – Jumbo Rare



E: Community Spirit for everyone:

I have seen this a few times happen with Fortnite, PUBG, Streamlabs, GFuel, LoL, MLG, even Twitch themselves do it. Where they have an appreciation night. This would work fantastic with FIFA.

On the official EA Sports Twitter account you announce that we will coming to say hi to some people and say thanks for showing our game some love.

EA then drop a comment on a YouTube video, leave a comment in the chat of someone streaming, just generally show some love to the millions of people that play the game, that don’t have a massive following or who aren’t a GameChanger … That would mean the absolute world to them and they would carry on playing in case they get noticed.

This would help everyone in the community grow and get more people playing on the next community night in case they actually got some exposure etc


Of course I do have a lot of suggestions for in game stuff but I absolutely understand lead times of developments etc, that’s why I have decided to offer a few tidbits of things that can be done without months of programming etc but would go a long way.

Everyone wants to understand what they are playing and how it works, it is what people want from games now and more importantly people want to feel that they are being appreciated etc, after all some people spend thousands on the game and only want the best for it.

We all love FIFA, that’s why people get so amped up about it because everyone has a vision of what their perfect FIFA should be, now as we all know you can’t please everyone, but you can show the love! This can be done via even more open communication (which I know you are striving for) and appreciation as detailed above, by letting people know what to expect, when to expect it and getting a freebie here and there as a thank you.

Hopefully you read this and think that some points are useful, I have tried to keep it fairly brief as believe me I could have got to Z but I know you are busy people and I appreciate your time.

Many Thanks