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FIFA 22 FUT Versus

FIFA 22 FUT Versus Team and SBC’s

FIFA 22 has a brand new promo … FUT Versus!

FUT Versus offers new ‘Ice’ and ‘Fire’ cards for a select group of players. The ‘Fire’ cards are available in packs from Friday, December 10 to Monday, December 13, at which point they will be replaced by ‘Ice’ cards until Friday, December 17.

From EA’s official marketing:

“Fire in the belly or ice in the veins? Welcome to FUT Versus in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, where the biggest of rivals clash on the pitch to see who comes out on top,” says EA. “From opposing playing styles to the fiercest match-ups in world football, FUT Versus celebrates the opposing forces in football with special limited-time content in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.”

FIFA 22 FUT Versus

During the promo we of course have the main team which is available in packs as detailed above … The main team is:

So to kick off the promo we have the fire version of the above players with some getting a 5 star skills upgrade and permanent upgrade on a couple of stats … A different Ice version of the same above players will replace them in packs with some getting a 5 star weak foot boost and different stats permanently upgraded.

Along the course of the promo we have objectives with a player pick between a fire or ice version of players and of course there will also be SBC’s for a player pick of again the same player with either a fire version or an ice version

The launch objective players are:

The launch player pick SBC is:

As with most promos this year most of this info was already leaked, however as someone that thinks it ruins the game I won’t share what items are upcoming as hopefully EA change them before they get released ironically like the FUTmas Gabriel Jesus that got leaked but never came a few years back.

The Team:

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