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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Features

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Latest News

EA Sports has today revealed some of the new features that will be coming to Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 22. Although revealed in a weird way, not through official channels and no deep dive as of yet … regardless, we at least have news.

However, will the new Pro Clubs news satisfy the hardcore Clubs players ….

Over the last few years, the game mode has pretty much remained unchanged, with only a few small updates added, the Pro Clubs community have been screaming out for big updates to their favourite mode … is this the year that EA deliver …

Here are just some of the new features for Pro Clubs, with more information on the changes coming soon when EA release their Deep Dive!

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs – Female VP’s

Players will now be able to create their own female pros in the Pro Clubs game mode for the first time ever, which EA say will make FIFA 22 the most inclusive edition of the FIFA franchise to date.

This means that players will have the ability to create a mixed team of female and male players, in reality this will probably not be used as intended by EA Sports … but let’s see if the FIFA community acts different this year.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs – New Growth System

You now earn points for your Virtual Pro based on your in-game performances, which can be used in a newly-designed skill tree to improve your Virtual Pro’s individual attributes, and it will give you more control over how you decide to develop your pro.

Player Perks can be used to give your Virtual Pro additional attribute bonuses that give big temporary boosts to a select number of your Virtual Pro’s individual attributes, but you can only use a limited number of perks at one time.

If you choose a Player Perk that benefits a quick winger, but you need to change position to centre-back, you’ll have to change your selected Player Perk to make sure your Virtual Pro has the best attribute bonuses.

You can have up to three perks equipped at a time, and can choose perks that make your Virtual Pro better or the team as a whole. You will be able to select perks before each game.

Perks are unlocked using points earned from in-game performances and can be accessed through the new player growth system.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs – Improved Analytics

“Player Archetypes allow you to choose exactly what type of player you want a build, whether it be a box-to-box midfielder or a quick forward, the improved player growth system will assist you in creating your perfect Virtual Pro in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs – Customisable Stadiums

Players will finally be able to customise their home stadium and the pitch itself in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs, with the ability to edit colour, themes and much, much more!

The customisation options in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is similar to the customisation options that were available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

These are just some of the new features that have been highlighted, however with no official deep dive released as of yet, we are yet to see everything new to clubs.

If ywant to check out EA’s previous deep dive on FIFA 22 you can here and then you can get access to their FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Deep Dive when they release it

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