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FIFA 21 Road to Glory is back

FIFA 21 Road to Glory

The true Road to Glory is back … No FIFA points … Just grinding.

The RTG is back for the fourth year in a row!

Unless you are trying to compete on a pro level then putting money on each year for it only to become irrelevant 8 months later is tough and not to mention expensive … so that’s where the RTG started … no money … just grinding and playing the game!

You can see what kind of teams we have had in previous FIFA’s, we did pretty good, yes it’s a struggle sometimes … but that’s part of the fun!

Having completed the FIFA 18 RTG on YouTube, we went again on YouTube for FIFA 19 … You can check out how insane those squads were on YouTube here. On FIFA 20 we mixed it up on YouTube until Christmas and then continued on Twitch here.

For FIFA 21 we will be back …. Streaming live on Twitch with content coverage / 6PM content and recaps on YouTube.

If you need some help we will also be offering help in discord and live on stream, so if you are someone that doesn’t want to put FIFA points on, aren’t a Top 100 player and want a really good squad … Then this is the RTG for you.

So, go follow everything you need to get involved … All links are above in the menu or below … I look forward to seeing you on our Road to Glory!

The RTG:

All content for FIFA 21 is made on an RTG (Road to Glory) account. So what is a Road to Glory? Well a Road to Glory can be whatever you want it be … Our RTG is a free to play … A Poor Man’s Road to Glory … Very simple … No FIFA points, no money … Just pure grinding!

Tips, Hints and tricks on how to make coins via various methods throughout FIFA, sure it can be challenging sometimes against pay to win god squads, but that’s the beauty of it … the challenge!

Day to Day operations of the Road to Glory can be found on the live streams on Twitch!

So, I hope you enjoy, buckle up and stay along for the ride.

If you are new then you can check out everything here (simply click on them):






Thanks in advance for any view, like, share, join or follow, it’s greatly appreciated and supporting smaller content creators again is greatly appreciated, there’s a lot of great ones out there that don’t necessarily get the views or recognition their output deserves but like myself they will be there, all we is you to be there too!

In a bit!


If you don’t want to run an RTG like me and are looking for cheap FIFA points head to here . Different consoles and countries are available and you can also get a discount from time to time via their Facebook page here!

For cheap FIFA points and top up cards, click the image above. It will save you money and support me at the same time … win – win for everyone!