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FIFA 19 Demo Release

EA have done a great job of creating hype for FIFA 19. With all of the noise surrounding the FIFA 19 player ratings and the EA capture event, the next big thing will be the demo.

There was a lot of speculation on when the demo would be released, with a dutch website stating it would be the 11th, however on an episode of TalkSport on the 10th September, EA Creative Director Matt Prior stated that the demo would be the 13th September.

Weirdly though that’s the second time in a week that Matt Prior’s name has been out in the community after his interview regarding career mode changes was widely bashed by the community.

So the demo that drops on the 13th will include the following teams:

🇪🇸 Atlético de Madrid
🇩🇪 Borussia Dortmund
🇩🇪 FC Bayern
🇮🇹 Juventus
🇮🇹 AS Roma
🇬🇧 Manchester City
🇬🇧 Manchester United
🇫🇷 Paris Saint-Germain
🇪🇸 Real Madrid
🇬🇧 Tottenham Hotspur

This year the demo is highly anticipated thanks to the new features of timed finishing and dynamic tactics.


The demo will be on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with PS3, XBox 360 Nintendo Switch versions as of yet unconfirmed – and will be available to download from each console’s respective stores.

Last year’s demo let you play The Journey. EA will offer a similar experience for the last Journey episode as Alex Hunter returns.

We can expect Kick Off mode and a taster of the newly acquired Champions League license.

The Journey will only be available for the XBox One, PS4 and PC versions.

Usually the demo drops around 3pm UK time but i is out of EA’s hand as it’s down to when Steam/Sony/Microsoft update their systems.

Cannot wait!



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