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FIFA 19 Beta Details

As the last few years, this year EA will be doing a FIFA 19 Beta. As before codes for this private closed beta are emailed to random users through an automated process.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be sent a beta that will be locked to a certain aspect of the game. For instance you will receive either:

FIFA 19 Pro Clubs Beta

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beta

FIFA 19 Career Mode Beta

Then towards the end of the Beta they usually unlock all modes for everyone.


FIFA 19 Closed Beta

Q: What is the FIFA 19 closed beta for?
A: The main purpose of it is to test the game. It’s for players to try out a FIFA 19 game mode and give the developer feedback . It is not the final game.

Q: How does the FIFA 19 closed beta interfere on the game’s development process?
A: Just like the previous games, FIFA 19 is very complex joining several game modes together, for they’ve been developed over the years. There are several different teams responsible for developing determined projects and areas of the game that might or might not be integrated into the final product according to deadlines, the work’s quality and other economic and strategic factors. Which means that these teams are not always working for the next FIFA. The whole project must be exhaustively tested out for them to make sure it works correctly. For that, Electronic Arts usually invite a group of volunteers in their premises so they can test the game. After the adjustments regarding the first feedback period are made, the Alpha version is released. This is the version EA uses to show it to the public for the first time, at EA Play. The game’s official release occurs at the end of September and always comes along with an update that’s supposed to correct the anomalies detected after the disks are printed out. Between one thing and the other, there’s the beta and then there’s the demo.

Q: In which languages is the FIFA 19 beta available?
A: The in-game language for the Beta is English only.

Q: Where goes the feedback?
A: In a forum created for the purpose where the only people who have access to it are the invited players who registered.

Q: Can I use the FIFA 19 Beta progress in the final game?
A: No.

Q: Is the Beta database updated?
A: No. The players and ratings used in the FIFA 19 closed Beta are the same ones of the FIFA 18.

Q: Will I be asked to do something other than give them feedback?
A: Yes. For the developer the closed beta is like a big test, so they might ask you to test something out specifically. For example, in Ultimate Team you’ll receive credits so you can try buying packs.

Q: How big is the file I have to download?
A: Bigger than 32 Gb.

FIFA 19 Beta Release Dates

Q: When were the FIFA 18 closed beta invites sent?
A: FIFA 19 beta invitations were sent from August 8 and were associated with your EA account (they cannot be shared).

Q: When does the FIFA 19 closed beta starts?
A: 10th August.

Q: For how long does the FIFA 19 closed beta go on?
A: 10 days.

Q: What happens after this period?
A: People can no longer have access to the FIFA 19 beta. At this point the players are supposed to give EA Sports feedback.


FIFA 19 Beta Platforms

Q: Which platforms will the FIFA 19 closed beta be available for?
A: This test version is exclusive for Playstation 4 and XBox One. It won’t be available for PC, old-gen consoles or mobile platforms.

Q: I already played a closed beta on my old-gen console. Are you sure it is not available this year?
A: It’s true that the FIFA 16 closed Beta was available for Playstation 3 and XBox 360 but since then it is not anymore.


Game Modes

Q: Which game modes will be tested in the FIFA 19 closed beta?
A: You will receive an invite for any of these game modes:
✔ Pro Clubs and Kick-Off
✔ Career Mode and Kick-Off
✔ Ultimate Team and Kick-Off.
The Journey story mode will not be available on the FIFA 19 Closed Beta.


Do not confuse the Beta with a demo. The Beta is a testing early phase of FIFA. When the demo drops sometime in September, that will contain a small snippet of The Journey part 3.


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