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FIFA 18 Team of the Season TOTS explained


FIFA 18 Team of the Season is a celebration of the very best players from this football campaign, across Europe and the rest of the world! This years event Kicks off April 27th and lasts for five weeks. During TOTS we will have new squad building challenges, an exclusive kit, promo packs and exclusive players. This page will explain it all!

Lightening Rounds and Promos

EA knows that these big events are the perfect time to sell packs and for that reason they release the most wanted packs on the FUT 18 store.

The most likely promo packs are these ones:

25k Premium Gold Players Packs
25k Rare Gold Packs
35k Mega Packs
45k Prime Gold Players Pack
50k Rare Players Packs
55k Rare Mega Packs
100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs
125k Ultimate Packs

Team of the Seasons

This years event kicked off on April 27 with two teams and will continue to add new teams every Friday until it finishes on June 8th.

The schedule is (dates may vary):

April 27: Community / English Football League

May 4th: Premier League

May 11th: La Liga

May 18th: Bundesliga

May 25th: Ligue 1 / Calcio A

June 1st: Ultimate Team of the Season

Each team will consist of 23 players with an additional 24th player being available via the Daily Knockout Tournament.

Apart from the 24th DKT player, these players will only be available in packs.

Rest of the World Team of the Season

Every week, nine ROTW TOTS players are only available through a one-time Squad Building Challenge. Completing each week’s SBC earns a pack with one tradeable SBC TOTS player item from the remaining nine players that are released every Wednesday during TOTS.

The 10th ROTW player will be available as a Weekly Objective.

There are a total of 50 ROTW players across 5 weeks.

These players will not be in packs and will only be available through the SBC’s and Weekly Objective.

Schedule for non packed players

Sunday and Tuesday : League TOTS SBC

Monday and Tuesday: DKT player (not every week)

Wednesday: Rest of the World TOTS SBC

Wednesday and Thursday: DKT player (not every week)

Friday a new league(s) released in packs.


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