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FIFA 18 FUTmas Daily player SBC’s leaked

‘Tis the season to be Jolly! FUTmas on FIFA 18 is here, and with any major FIFA promotion hundreds of “experts” drop their “confirmed” leaks for views. Everyone has chipped in with what they thought the player SBC’s would be.

However, most of the predictions were based on one player being the SBC, then EA threw a great curve ball and introduced 3 player SBC’s a day. So, as predictions always go, most of them were wrong … apart from one that has stood out and has now been classified as a “leak”.

Whether EA will change the players is yet to be seen but as of today, every prediction is correct.

The “leak” can be seen below.



As stated as of today the “leak” above has been spot on, so if it is true there seems to be some decent players heading our way, although some of them at the have been quite expensive for an untradeable card when matched with similar cards on the market that can be sold on etc.

However, EA again have be given credit on the SBC side of things for introducing something new and fresh from last year. These SBC’s are great and once again that content side of things has been very enjoyable so far. Of course people are moaning about them, but for me if you don’t like them, then simply don’t do them!



It looks like things have been mixed up a little. It looks like one player will be different each day from the above “leak”.


19/12/2017: Bakambu has been dropped and Virgil Van Dijk has replaced him

20/12/2017: Lingard has replaced Henderson and Musa has 99 stamina … lord have mercy

21/12/2017: Konoplyanka has missed out to Werner (who in turn got accidentally leaked with a brazil badge lol)

22/12/2017: The ultimate super sub Alessandrini replaces Villa

23/12/2017: Bonaventura misses out to Georginio Wijnaldum

24/12/2017: Rose is in and Luis is out!






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