FIFA 18 News

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream is here


It’s that time of the year again … Halloween. As is tradition EA are doing Ultimate Scream cards for FIFA 18. However this year they work slightly different to how they did on FIFA 17 and the new changes are awesome!

Card changes are now not temporary and stay on the card, they then get an extra boost on Halloween and throughout the season. More cool additions are the cards actually get a unique walkout as the players come out as zombies lol.

The first set of boosts will be from October 29th to November 1st 2017.

There is also a cool feature to the actual design of the card, as when the the card is boosted there is a great green spooky glow on the card. Good job EA!


The Ultimate Scream Team is …



Then they get that cool spooky green glow when they are boosted …



And don’t forget they get zombie walkout animations!!!!!


You also will get a chance to get this cool kit …



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