FIFA 18 News

FIFA 18 General New Features

As each new FIFA comes out there are always a set of new features to distinguish that FIFA apart from others.

This year’s set of “new” things in FIFA 18 are (courtesy of EA Sports):



With 15+ new skill games in FIFA 18, there’s more variety when you come to squad training and player development. Create preset drills and assign them to certain players or specific groups, allowing you to model your development strategy of young players to enhance player attributes or manage a player’s return from injury.


Quick Substitutions

For the first time,  you can easily make changes in-game without having to pause the match with new context-based subs. Manage using pre-set substitutions before a game in Team Management or take advantage of contextual substitutions with in-game prompts. Respond to conceding a goal or missing a chance with a quick sub to get back on the front foot without having to leave the match.


Team Styles

New Team Styles come to life in FIFA 18 Career Mode, as you’ll immediately recognize some of the world’s best-known tactics on the pitch. You’ll see clubs’ authentic playing styles recreated and feel a change in defensive and attacking approaches when you choose a new team or take on a new opponent throughout your career. and hear adaptive commentary which references teams’ styles of play.


Immersive Atmospheres

With Immersive Atmospheres in FIFA 18, you’ll see true regional differences based on which league you choose to manage in. Region-specific atmospheres, pitch-side fixtures, stadium-specific banners, high-def dynamic crowds and more come together to differentiate matches around the world.

Hear crowd chants building up to free kicks in Spain, Germany and Portugal, the booming voice of a North American PA announcer, new chants for MLS and LaLiga Santander teams, shrill whistling as goalkeepers run up to take goal kicks in Latin American regions. Experience the more intense atmospheres of big matches, including derbies, the latter rounds of cup competitions and minnows against giants matches as the fans roar you on.


New Broadcast Packages

New broadcast overlays in La Liga Santander and the MLS along with new presentation graphics in the Premier League add more depth to your experience.

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